Our success comes from entrepreneur's business growth. Our mission is to help business owners in creating sustainable business that are able to meet their needs.

We’re eXtracc!

eXtracc (as in “extract”, not “extra-c-c”) was founded in 2013. We started out with three people, and today we’re a company of about 10 spread out across different cities in Malaysia. Our headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur, but everyone at eXtracc is free to live and work wherever they want. Many of us love working remotely – we literally analyse and crunching numbers while working remotely!

We’re accountants, analysts, administrators, multi-taskers, thinkers, researchers, auditors, designers, writers, speakers, bikers, runners, developers, chefs, musicians, knitters, hikers, authors, photographers, readers, travelers, gardeners, volunteers, parents, and hard workers.

With such a diverse group of people, from so many different places, we bring a unique perspective to everything we do. We’re big into sharing, so we even partnered with SmartTax and soon-to-be Eazipayroll.

Three years young!

2016 marks our 3rd year in business, and we feel like we’re just getting started. The espresso machine and the wood table from IKEA still smells like it was just yesterday we bought them.

Over the past two years we’ve been fortunate to been working with businesses including some of the Malaysia’s largest – and smallest – companies. It’s rare that a cloud accounting system such as Xero is equally popular with the big guys and the small guys. Freelancers, small shops, mid-sized companies, and multinationals all rely on Xero and we’re glad to be part of it.

Focusing on simple and straightforward

We’re big believers in the power of keeping it simple. Every bet we’ve ever placed on making something easier for our customers has always paid off. In the decades to come, we’ll continue to make big bets on simplicity, clarity, ease-of-use, and honesty. This goes for our services and our company.

We started with Xero!

We have been using Xero as an accounting system since 2009 for our own internal use before embarking on the eXtracc’s journey. We started experimenting and trying out various add-ons from Xero Marketplace to see what works and what’s not. We use cloud tools that most small and medium businesses would normally use such as Google Apps, Zoho, Shopify and many more. And our journey does not stop here..cloud is where we want to be..it shapes us as individuals and as a company.

Investing for future

We don’t chase fads and trends, we stay focused on the things that will always be important. We know that technology will lead today’s business. We constantly train our people and our customers about using some of these tools that we believe will translate into cost savings in the long run.

People’s business

Treating people right is fundamental to how we do business. We treat our customers as they’d want to be treated, we treat each other like family, and we treat ourselves to a good day’s work and a good night’s sleep.

Our goals have always been the same: Have fun, do exceptional work, give the best service in the business, experiment, pay attention to the details, treat people right, tell the truth, have a positive impact on the world around us, give back, and keep learning.

We’re also big believers in business 101. We don’t spend more than we earn, we don’t waste money on things that don’t matter, we don’t give away everything for free and hope we’ll figure it out before we run out of cash. We’re in business to stay in business by helping others stay in business.

Always at your service

Whether you’re a customer or if you have a general question for us, just drop us an email at admin@extracc.com.my and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We love sharing news and ideas on business, culture, design, and technology with the world. You can read up on what we’ve been thinking lately on our company blog and social channel. We know we may not able to update them regularly due to our daily commitment (we all are do-ers in eXtracc), but we are committed to keep those channel updated.

You can also follow along on Twitter @MYeXtracc and Facebook @eXtracc.

If you’re just browsing, enjoy your stay. If you’d like to become a customer, we’d love to have you. Either way, thanks for visiting eXtracc.


Enjoy the rest of your day!