Is Your Business Ready for a Virtual CFO?

March 5, 2017

Larger businesses or corporations would normally have a Chief Financial Officer or CFO on board. They obviously can afford one. They also understand that they can’t afford not to have one.

CFO plays such a crucial role for businesses. They are expected to keep a close watch on the numbers, project reliable forecasts, provide solid data to other decision makers as well as being part in the decision making process themselves.

OK, so those are the big and rich corporations. But what can small and medium (SME) sized businesses like yourself can do to have a CFO’s input and guidance?

The answer is, you outsource it. Hire a part-time CFO until you can afford one full-time.

Then you asked again, where can I find one and are they reliable?

This is where eXtracc comes in.

Our virtual CFO service is developed with inputs from our existing clients as well as our experience handling large numbers of SMEs for the past 5 years. We’ve grasp a solid understanding of the needs and expectations of your business. Our virtual CFO service is an ideal mix between the support you always wanted with affordability.

But, how would you know that your business is ready for a virtual CFO? Let us share with you some pointers:

  • You have a solid accounting standard operating procedures (SOP) in place.
  • You are rapidly engaging in marketing activities.
  • You want to expand your team but unsure between hiring now or later.
  • You already have an account assistant and you need someone to guide this staff of yours.
  • You want to takeover a business.

Off course there are many other reasons how a virtual CFO could add value to your business. These are just a few of the common factors.

Your next step.

Call +603-9212 2596 or email us at for a FREE no obligation web meeting to chat with us on how we might work with you as ‘Your CFO’. We’ll then outline the costs so you know precisely whether or not a virtual CFO fits your expectations and organisation.