5 Great Ways Small Businesses Can Stay Productive During the Holidays

December 27, 2016

Christmas is a time for celebration and vacations. The problem is that the vacation mindset often takes hold long before your employees actually go on vacation. It’ll be a struggle to get your small business going during the holidays, which is terrible as for many business, the holiday season is great for sales. Here are a few ways you can help keep productivity high when the Christmas decorations go up.

  1. Offers Services and Products as Gifts

Christmas is a time for gift-giving, so why not dive headfirst into the spirit? Giving out your products or services as gifts can serve as a marketing strategy and get you some goodwill. Of course, you should dress them up. Service personnel could go to work in costumes. If you’re giving out products, wrap them in Christmas appropriate wrappers. Even themed shirts with your company logo can serve as a way to get the word out.

  1. Plan Ahead

Nothing happens by chance, it’s just that the reasons for how things turned out may be trivial. It’s in your best interest as a small business owner to gain control of how things work out, and that requires planning. If you don’t have plans to handle employee performance during the holidays, you’re planning to fail.

Think about the challenges your team faces during the holiday season. What will they need to stay motivated? What do your customer expect from your company? How will you juggle your own personal responsibilities alongside company responsibilities? Don’t settle for puff piece answers. Create a real action plan with concrete steps.

  1. Keep an Eye on the Money

With Christmas comes parties and bonuses. Giving isn’t free by nature, so you should keep an eye on the coffers. Take a look at the expenses that you think you’ll accrue during the holiday season and make sure you can actually afford them. Allocate funds appropriately and cut things down where appropriate.

Keep those expenses locked down. Don’t get caught up in the holiday spirit and start splurging on your employees or marketing campaigns. Follow the plan and listen to your accountant.

  1. Give Out Christmas Packages and Benefits Early

As a small business, you can’t afford distracted employees. The holiday seasons are a great opportunity to get new customers. Employees who just want to go on vacation aren’t known for their sterling customer service, so it’s in your best interest to get them focused.

If you’re having trouble keeping employees on point, it’s a sign that they’re looking forward to the vacation. While there’s nothing wrong with that inherently, it should tell you that they’re stressed, disconnected, and want out. That makes sense, as Christmas seasons tend to be more stressful as a whole.

Fortunately, you can keep them on track by giving out your Christmas packages early. Giving out their 13th month pay at the start of December can give them the additional morale boost they need to survive the holiday season. It doesn’t have to be extra pay – give them something that gives a high they can ride until things settle down again.

  1. Enhance the Customer Experience

The customer experience is all. A great product will eventually lose ground to a good product that is coupled with excellent customer service. There’s no better time to improve your customer service experience than the holidays. People are looking forward to the good cheer that Christmas brings, so embrace that.

You can give out special Christmas deals to entice customers into coming into your stores. Train your customer service representatives to be jolly and positive when interacting with your clients. Make the audience feel special and they’ll keep coming back.

Christmas is often a joyful period for people around the world, but it also services as both a blessing and a curse for small business. Approached correctly, you can turn it into an opportunity to make your employees happy and gain new clients. Ignored, you’ll find a sharp drop in your productivity and end the year with a loss.