Enter eXtracc. Xero Partner in Malaysia.

June 27, 2014

As entrepreneurs, you know why bookkeeping is vital to your business. But we’re still guilty of ignoring the ledger book one too many times. Guilty of leaving those receipts in our car glove-box when we made purchases or payments. Oh, and that boring task of jotting down, compiling and crunching the numbers. It never fails to disturb you while you’re just about to get excited on your upcoming project. Sound familiar?

You wish you could hire an accountant to sort that mess up. But, do you really need another supplier to run over your books and during the peak of tax season, snatched your crumpled receipts, go into hiding to prepare your filing only to be charging you a massive bill afterwards.

Yes, you’re sick of it and it bothers you that no one understands your dilemma.

Enter eXtracc.

We like to share with you an extraordinary accounting experience. How? By utilising a simple and powerful cloud accounting tool to assist your venture. It’s easy to understand and navigate. And the interface is simply gorgeous. Finally someone’s listening.

So whose eXtracc? Why are we claiming to understand your business needs? Well, in 2007, when we started our first business, we were all alone. Following the trend, we opt for a UBS accounting and payroll software. It’s confusing and frustrating. Despite being a solution, it needs laborious data entry and endless tweaking. It was fully functional only half a year after installation. We were force to settle with whatever tool we have at that time.

Introducing Xero. The hero.

Several years have passed and our existing bookkeeping software just can’t cope with our growth. We went around to look for a better, simpler and flexible accounting solution. The search lead us to Xero, a cloud accounting system that provides a fully integrated, cloud based platform. Voila! This is it.

Xero enables access to our accounts anytime, anywhere. It allows our team to collaborate smoother with relevant reporting functions and yes, across all devices. By the end of the first week of trial we were already a Xero convert. The functionality and simplicity of it blew us away!

What’s cloud based accounting?

Think e-banking where all your transactions are done on the internet. No more messy CD-ROMs, annoying installation process, punching long ID keys that comes with loads of booklet to digest. We know you just don’t have time for that!

Xero breaks away from the traditional accounting software format that made it troublesome for many non-accounting background entrepreneurs. It gives more control and access to your own account and cash flows. Under that pretext, we feel the need to share this amazing accounting system with the rest of the small to medium business folks.

You’re not alone.

After learning how transparent, collaborative and accessible Xero was, we did some research and found out that typically in Malaysia, small to medium businesses fall under two categories. First, those who opt to buy an accounting software, run it themselves but ended up paying more on the hardware to support it. This takes up huge amount of time, space and manpower.

Second, those who hooked up with some accounting firms to do their bookkeeping only to realise later that its more time consuming to produce relevant and accurate statements in real time. This leads to calls, emails, more calls and what elsemore emails.

Business made easy.

eXtracc was born out of this vicious cycle. We’re completely aware of the need to introduce a fully integrated-cloud based accounting system to others like you. An accounting system that provides you the full benefit of cloud computing solutions. It took us a couple of years to find the best resources and other add-on cloud tools to ensure we’re ready to serve you better. We hope to provide an improved business experience to small and medium companies especially start-ups who wish to have more control over their accounts.

eXtracc’s solutions cover almost all segment of businesses from F&B, retail, service industry even online stores. We like to enable entrepreneurs to focus more energy on what they do best – building their business. Leave the nitty-gritty work to us. Get in touch for more of what we can offer. We love to hear your stories. Thank you for reading. Click here to know more.